I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was on the big tractor with the 8′ brush hog on the back and it was the first day of Summer.  One of my jobs this particular Summer was to mow the back pasture of our farm; a vast expanse of knee-high hay grass that seemed to go on and on.  

In my mind my Summer was spent; this would be my June-August Purgatory.  

My dad was going once more through the controls of the tractor; the gears, clutch, brake, etc…  I looked down at him desperately and said, “Look at how much there is!  I will never mow all of that in one Summer!”  

My dad patted my leg, hard but good, and pointed at the nose of the tractor and said, “Just cut the hay in front of you.  The rest of the pasture will take care of itself.”  


Jesus told His disciples not to worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow has worries enough on it’s own.  He told the disciples, in not so many words, to just “…cut the hay in front of them.”  

How often do we lose our perspective by looking at the expanse of what stands between us and what we desire, or what we are called for?  We have been taught to appreciate the merit in “big picture” thinking, but there is a difference in seeing the big picture and getting lost in it.  Often we can look so many steps ahead thinking we are being prudent, that we lose our footing on the next step and fall where we stand.

Holy Week has meant a lot to me, not because of the power that God has shown me in what He has chosen to do in my life but because of the grace He has shown me in what He has chosen to withhold from my life.

I know this is His way of patting my leg, hard but good, pointing at the path before me and saying, “Just cut the hay in front of you, and the rest will take care of itself.”


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