finding-your-purposeThe longer that I live, and the more that I learn about people, the more convinced I become that humans as a species are born for a purpose.  We are born with an inborn desire to discover our purpose.  We are conditioned by our culture that prosperity gives us purpose, but promotion without purpose is not prosperity, it is futility.

So what is “purpose“, and how do we inject our desire, our pursuit of purpose into our lives in such a way that we can live into that purpose and still assimilate ourselves into our culture?

Alignmentalways precedesassignment“.  Finding-life-purpose

I can only speak for myself, and in my own experience, that there is room for purpose in our pursuit of prosperity.  There is a way to live into our purpose even through the process of participating in our culture.

Once we align ourselves with our purpose, we are now ready to live our lives in the light of that purpose.  While others are chasing “careers“, those of us who know our purpose, that reason for which we are created, are able to live our “calling“.

dartboard bullseyeI say this who is a car salesman, not a preacher.  I say this who is not necessarily a “good” person, but who has identified his purpose.  Even in the activity of capitalism, I am determined to live into that purpose for which I believe I was created.

One aspect of purpose that exists in all of creation is relationship.  We are all born to live in relationship with one another.  We are all created as social creatures, that is a fact.  Denying our responsibility to relationship is not only counter-productive, and unhealthy; it is unnatural.

This is what I try to communicate first and foremost to the people that I am charged by my clients to train, nurture and develop; that whether we be salesmen, managers or top-level executives, the only things that we do that matter, the only investments we make in this life that lasts, are the quality of our relationships.

Likewise, the only value that we bring into our vocational lives is our ability to create, foster and manage relationships.

Business goes on.  Our free-market society by design demands that we buy, sell and trade to continue to turn the wheels of commerce.  There is nothing inherently evil about participating in our economy; whatever our role.  However, the same culture that is driven by this economy can become pervasive.  That culture tells us if enough is good, more is better.  So the question, “How much is enough?” is answered, “A little bit more.”

ProsperityThis takes our eyes off of our purpose, and so we begin to seek our identity in what the world has to offer us, rather than what we have to offer our world.   

From experience I can tell you, no matter your skill set, or the aptitude you have achieved within your craft; if you ignore your purpose, you rob yourself of any hope for peace, progress or real prosperity.


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David Simpson