Do you like to gamble?  (Whether yes or no)

You know how to play blackjack, right?

Every hand in blackjack is going to end one of 3 ways; win, lose or push, isn’t it.

If you walked into a casino and there were 2 blackjack tables; one of them was normal with the 3 possible outcomes, but the other was special, at that table you could only either win or push, which one would you choose?

The one where I couldn’t lose, of course.

Of course, that’s an easy one, right?  You’re buying your vehicle today, betting that it’s going to be worth a certain dollar amount down the line.  Let’s say that you expect your vehicle to be worth $10,000 in 3 years, but it is actually worth $12,000.  Did you win?


And if it was worth $10,000, would you consider that a push?


But, if something beyond your control was to happen and your vehicle was only worth $6,000, wouldn’t that be a loss?

Oh yeah       

That’s right, unfortunately you’d lose.  That’s why myself and most of my customers choose the lease option.  You see, our lease program offers the option that conventional purchasing does not, the ability to give it back to the bank and walk away.  That way, you can never lose.

Since you told me that you like/don’t like to gamble, and no one likes to lose, wouldn’t it make sense to play the hand you can’t lose?

I guess so.

Let me show you how it looks, and some of your available options leasing vs. buying.  Fair enough.


WIN                 LOSE               PUSH

EXPECT                                                      GET                                                      RESULT

$10,000                                                           $12,000                                               WIN

$10,000                                                           $10,000                                               PUSH

$10,000                                                           $6,000                                                 LOSE