Customer says, “I had one of these warranties, and it didn’t cover what broke.”

This is a tough one!

“I understand completely, we hear customer’s saying things like that all the time.  That makes you feel like you wasted your money, right?

Do you mind if I ask you a quick question?  Do you feel like it is possible for all the parts of a car to fail at once?”

Of course not.  (Click the image above to download this form in a PDF)  This shows the total replacement cost of all the major components on an average car.  This form states the total cost; parts and labor, if each of these parts failed.  See that number there?  ($14,127)

How much of that figure do you think the average service agreement would cover?  $5,000?  Do you think that $5,000 worth of coverage is for parts that normally fail?  Probably not, right?

Unfortunately, you’re right.  And we have a plan very much like that, it’s called the Silver Plan.  It’s available, but I never present it because of stories just like yours, and our dealership has been in business way to long to do that to even one customer.  The way that I learned to use a service agreement is ‘health insurance’ not ‘life insurance’.  Let me show you what I mean.

With Package 1, if that number at the bottom of the sheet is accurate over the next 5 years, as long as you told me you were going to own your car, it’s covered, and you’re protecting $14,127 for just $3 per day.

To get my money’s worth, most of my customer’s would bring their vehicle in as many times as possible.  By purchasing the Toyota Financial Services Platinum Plan and Option 1, you can do that too.

Remember you told me that if it was cost-effective, you’d do your maintenance here at the dealership.  When I get my maintenance done, I intend to make money.

Every time I bring my vehicle in for maintenance, I tell my service adviser that I purchased Option 1.  Now, he’s looking for not only mechanical parts that have failed, but parts that are failing, or looking like they might fail in the future.  Anything he can justify to the warranty company to cover, it’s gonna be covered.

Not only that, any dents and dings, stars, chips or cracks in my windshield, or if I damage to my tires and wheels, it will all be covered.  If they’re damaged and we can fix ’em, we’re gonna fix ’em.  No money out of our pocket, every time.

He’s gonna give me back a vehicle that looks and runs new, with all new parts, every time I come in.

And, I know that I have increased my resale value, so when I bring my car in here for trade, I’m going to get more for it since it has been so well maintained, inside and out.

If you are not going to use it, don’t buy it; but didn’t you tell me that your _____ that you are replacing didn’t have any major damage, just your basic dents and dings?   Don’t you think you would have gotten more for that vehicle if it looked new and had all new parts?  It really only makes sense, doesn’t it?

I couldn’t agree more.  Did you want to use a middle initial in the titling of your new vehicle, or not?

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