My wife is worried about me about being too “deep” in my sales training. Now, she has never been in the training I provide for dealerships, however I do teach and speak in places and at events where she does attend.  She has this vision of what I do at dealerships, and she is afraid that bringing the same “life lessons” that I would when speaking at a school or civic function might be considered inappropriate.

By the way, to give you some context, for the past 15 years my wife has spent her Summers traveling the Southwest, and speaking at high schools to young women in leadership, giving them the social skills and disciplines that they will need to be effective mentors and influences within their schools and communities.  I say that to say, she knows what it is to have the responsibility of being in a position to influence individuals and to promote relationships.

It IS a responsibility.  Just like I learned, and now I instruct, when you have earned the right, or at least been given the opportunity to influence an individual and a relationship, that is a BIG responsibility.  And you don’t have to be standing in front of a room full of people to feel the weight of that responsibility, it happens to us in retail everyday.

It does not take but one significant setback in our lives to cast a spotlight on the fact that the only things in our lives that are truly significant are relationships.  When the money’s dried-up, when every thing around us is falling apart; it is relationships that give us the strength to stand up and the motivation to keep moving forward when all seems lost.

I tell my friends all the time, especially when I am doing group training, that if I go too “over the top” to rein me in, and no one has stopped me yet.  The reason why is that, like my daddy used to say, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”  No matter what your vocation, our purpose is to relate to one another, build each other up, hold each other up and sometimes pick each other up.  And you know what?

People will pay to do business with someone who knows how to keep the “main thing” the “main thing”. 

Stay green!

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