A-A-A Close

Customer says, “I don’t want any products, I can’t afford for my payment to go up any more.”

“I understand.  Many of my customers have said the exact same thing.  It’s hard to pay for something that you don’t think you have a use for.  Can I ask you a quick question? ”

“You’ve heard of A-A-A (Triple-A), the American Automotive Association?  It’s the largest automotive club in the world.”

“The Triple-A did a study to find out the actual cost of ownership for the average car in America.  That number is based on the price of the car, the taxes, title and license, annual registration, fuel, maintenance…all the factors that go into the total cost of ownership of an average American automobile; and that figure is .51 cents per mile.”

“Do you know the one expense that they could not include in that equation?  The cost of repairs to failed or damaged parts and components.”

“The protection we are talking about with Option 1 will cover you for as long as you told me that you would own your vehicle; 100,000 miles, which works out to (take the total cost of the package divided by 100,000 miles). $4,000/100,000=.04 cents per mile.”

“With Option 2, your vehicle will have all the protection with Option 1 for only about .03 cents per mile, however you will forfeit the Credit Life and Disability Protection, so “Margaret (who you told me you wanted to receive the free and clear title)”   will be responsible for paying off your new vehicle in the event of your death,  and if you were to become sick or injured and unable to work, you will be responsible for making your payment from your savings or other moneys.  Also, you will forfeit the Lojack benefit so if your vehicle is stolen, there is no real way for the police to locate it other than to get lucky.”

“If you are going to spend .51 cents per mile anyway, doesn’t just .04 cents per mile make sense to spend to keep your vehicle, your income and your good credit protected.  It is your good credit that is allowing you to make this purchase today, isn’t it?  I couldn’t agree more.”

“Did you want to start your payment in the middle of the month or closer to the end?”

Think in Ink:    

AAA Average cost per ownership       .51 cents unprotected

                                                            .55 cents fully protected

.04 cents

-Increases Resale

-Increases Value

-Decreases Exposure to Risk

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