The past couple of weeks we spent up the in the Washington DC area teaching a group of sales people, sales managers and F&I managers about new products and a sales process that saves our customer’s time, makes us more effective at presenting our products and communicating the value of ourselves, our products and our dealership.

The only thing at this point that might hinder our continued growth is bondage.  Bondage; I’m talking about imprisonment, being chained up and incapacitated.  What is the thing that binds us?  It is, in a word; fear.

We are afraid that we will be rejected.  We are afraid that we will offend a customer by presenting them a product that they don’t think they need.  We project that fear of failure onto our customers and it infiltrates our presentation and our process.  We have to break loose from the bondage of fear!

How do we do that?  We have to change our motivation.  We can’t be sales people only; we have to be consultants, counselors and confidants.  We have to have a positive motivation behind our practiced presentation.  We have to focus on effecting people in a positive way, moving peoples thinking by moving people’s feelings.   Our customers have to feel that, of all the darkness, worry, gloom and troubles in their lives, they have met a person who really cares about them.  We have to, in as much as we can, break them loose from their fear as well.

The last day in DC we had a meeting with all the general managers from each of the stores that were represented in our class all week.  Several of the GM’s came in saying, “What have you done to my people?”  I told that room, one of the byproducts of our time with their people was that those people were going to expect more from their managers.  “You’re welcome”, I said.  They had learned what it is to be “free”.  Free to go into every presentation without fear of failure.  Free to go into their managers offices and ask for help.  Free to go into the other sales people’s offices and practice their skills.

We had done training in this group before, with no real long-lasting success.  One of the GM’s asked me, “What’s different this time?”  I told him, like I told his people over and over all week; they weren’t dealing with a salesman, they were dealing with a satisfied customer.  They were dealing with people who had learned what it is to be free, and once you start dropping off the chains of self-doubt, fear of failure, apathy; you want to spread the word, free the people around you.  It’s the message behind the material; it’s the pursuit of the mission behind the pursuit of commission.  WHOOO!  That’s good!

Stay green , my friends!

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