Guided Discovery and the Jedi Mind Trick VSA Close

A customer says, “I don’t need that coverage, I don’t want my payment to go up any more.”

What’s the first thing we should say?  Here is what I say…”You wouldn’t think of leaving here without automotive insurance, would ya?”

Every once in a while you get an unpredictable answer to that, here was a clever retort I got from a young man in one of my classes, “Well yeah, but that’s the law.”

One of the first real fundamentals of communication that I learned was this; the person asking the questions controls the conversation.  When you think about that, doesn’t it make sense?  (See, I just got you to nod your head).  I mean, don’t you want to make sure that what your customer is saying is what you are hearing?  (Did it again)

Listening is not just listening to the words, but hearing what our customer’s are really saying, isn’t it?  (Yep, did it again).  These are just simple truths in communication.

Communication is not what is intended, it is what is received.

For us to meet our customers needs, we have to know what those needs are.  More than that, don’t we have to let them know that we know, so when we tailor our presentation they hear their own words describing the need?  (Oooo…sneaky one but, I got you again)

When Rodney said, “Yeah, but that’s the law”, my reply was, “Why do you think the law requires you to have insurance?”  (Uh-oh, looks like I have him right where I want him)  He might have a clever answer, but where I am going to lead him, through guided discovery, are to the facts.  “Doesn’t the law require insurance to protect you and any one you might affect in a collision, from exposure to financial loss?”  (Mmm-Hmm, that was a nod of your head).

“Let me ask you something; are you more likely to have an accident, or do you think you are more likely to have one of the 14,000-15,000 moving parts of your vehicle, some moving in excess of 10,000 rotations per minute in temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees fahrenheit, with less than 1/16″ of clearance, and 1/32″ of lubrication, fail?”  (That’s an either/or close, by the way).

“Mr. Customer, this is why we only offer the best coverage available for your car.  It’s easy, affordable and available to almost everyone.  If you are going to spend $900-$1200 dollars per year to protect the outside of your vehicle, doesn’t it make sense to spend the extra $2-$3 per day to protect the parts of the car that are more likely to need it?”

“Did you want to stay with the 5yr/100,000mile or upgrade to the 6yr/125,000mile?  Let me show you the difference in those 2 payments and you can choose the one that makes more sense to you, fair enough?”  (That’s just not fair)

Practice, drill and rehearse this skill and you will make more dollars per car, more dollars per paycheck, but more importantly, more customers for life.

Stay Green!

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